Evelind and Michael

A Lifelong Dedication in Helping Others

Helping others has never been a question of “What can we do?” but “When can we start?” for Michael and Evelind, co-founders of Warm Heart.

Over 38 years of marriage, Evelind Schecter and Michael Shafer have made a commitment beyond their wedding vows always to helping others in need.

While still in the United States, whether it was providing a loving home or emotional and financial safety to children and families from around the world or America, Michael and Evelind have never turned their backs to helping others in need.

So it was to no surprise to friends and family when Michael and Evelind sold their possessions, left their prestigious careers in New Jersey and moved to Phrao, Thailand to start Warm Heart to help others in need.
Michael and Evelind saw the potential to bring their love of community and professional backgrounds to establish an organization that could truly make a difference in the lives of many.

They knew they had to be in the heart of it all to build trust and relationships with the local rural community. 10 years and 60+ children (and many pets and a farm) later, Michael and Evelind have made Phrao their home.

The shining example of what can be accomplished has drawn many volunteers who help run the extensive programs.

Michael and Evelind have worked hard at establishing strong relationships with local partnerships who contribute time and materials for special projects.

Warm Heart’s Sponsor a Child program helps cover the costs of the many children that are living in the Children’s Homes, and donations, both small and large, help keep Warm Heart moving forward.

Warm Heart works collectively to make positive impacts on all those whom it touches. Helping others is their primary objective.


Evelind Schecter


Evelind (B.A. Yale, M.B.A. Columbia) left her position as Director of Specialized Business Support Services at Merck and Company, Inc. to become Director of Finance at Warm Heart Thailand.

Born in Japan, and raised in Japan, Hong Kong and the Soviet Union, she has also had a long career in international business and consulting.

With over twenty-five years of experience with business management, she brings Warm Heart her extensive knowledge of human resources, operations and technology.

Evelind has become the guiding inspiration for the girls at Warm Heart and an important role model for the women of Phrao.


Dr. D. Michael Shafer

Dr. Shafer (B.A. Yale, Ph.D. Harvard), Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Rutgers University, is published widely in foreign policy and international political economy, and has taught at universities around the world.

Dr. Shafer is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a 21st Century Fellow. With funding from, inter alia, the Department of State and European Union, he has managed higher education reform initiatives in the Baltic states, Central and Eastern Europe, and Lebanon.

Dr. Shafer is the founder of Global PACT, an international community development and civic engagement training program. With funding from Ford, Open Society Institute, Prudential and the United States Institute of Peace, he ran Global PACT programs in Brazil, Cambodia, Croatia, South Africa and Thailand. Since 2008 he has devoted himself entirely to Warm Heart.

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