Sustainable Community Development

People helping people – volunteers, communities, local schools, strategic partners working towards sustainable community development. We tackle problems that have kept generations of families in poverty.

Together we address family care, education, microenterprise, environmental sustainability, and health care for the elderly and needy.

You have the power to change the life of a child, a village, a community. Let’s end the cycle of poverty together. We can build a better tomorrow.


Provide a safe, loving home and education for children from families that are poor and/or broken.



Training assistance with microenterprise opportunities and entrepreneurship, care for elderly and disabled.


EnvironmentLeading the way to make saving the environment profitable and sustainable.



Warm Heart is a volunteer run grassroots organization, join us!



Mission Statement

Dedicated to finding relevant solutions to support and enable isolated Hill Tribe and Thai villages in becoming socially and economically sustainable communities.

Warm Heart Organization

Warm Heart is a non-profit organization serving the community of Phrao, Thailand

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Warm Heart Foundation is a registered Thai foundation (CM273) with an American, IRS tax-exempt 501.c. 3, nonprofit partner. We serve the rural poor of the North from our headquarters in A.Phrao. We started from nothing 10 years ago. Today, 43 kids live in our Children’s Homes and attend local schools. We sponsor another 35 at a local, government boarding school, have 3 kids away at vocational-technical high schools and 14 at university. Our Microenterprise Project provides jobs to women’s cooperatives and all profits are reinvested in the Project. We have trained hundreds of small farmers and last year our biochar project was recognized with a World Energy Globe Award. Our Wellness Program for the abandoned disabled and elderly provides weekly bathing, cleaning, cooking, errands and hospital transportation services.

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