Children’s Homes Provide Unconditional Love

children's homes

Warm Heart’s Children’s Homes was established in 2008 to provide a loving home environment for children from isolated mountain villages and broken families who had no place else to go.

Our kids come from five ethnic groups. Our dorm Mothers come from the same ethnic backgrounds, helping to keep the kids connected to their individual cultures.

All our kids – the bigs, middles and littles – have chores and wash their own clothes. Our staff meets weekly to discuss each child’s progress and our counsellors work with kids struggling with personal or family issues.

Afternoon activities

Every day after school the kids spend time in the dining hall with extra classes taught by our teachers, getting help with Math, English, and help with homework.

The kids also spend time on the computers in our Education Center Barb’s Place.

Besides our regular volunteers that interact with the kids, we have special visitors that share with the children different occupations to help the children widen their horizons. On this day the kids were learning about computer programming.

We offer family-style housing, clothing, balanced, nutritious meals, school uniforms and supplies, medical care – and most important, lots of hugs and unconditional love.

They come from villages where no Thai is spoken – and can’t speak Thai. So we provide Thai classes six days a week. The kids understand that education is the golden door to escape poverty and perfect Thai is the first step to educational success and a better life.

Trekking for Kids, one of Warm Heart’s strategic partners, recently added a new Boy’s Dorm to our campus. We are so grateful for their help and support.

Physical Activities

While we have an emphasis on learning, the kids also enjoy outdoor activities. Our soccer field is popular with both the boys and girls, as well as our tire gym and our climbing board!

Financial Support

Currently we are at maximum occupancy with 46 children living on our campus. How do we support all of these children? Through individual Sponsorships. Learn more about our Sponsorship program.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” ~ Dalai Lama