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Warm Heart is built on a single principle, the most powerful idea in the world: all people are created equal. We put no faith in the abstractions of rights. We live in a world that promises rights to all and delivers equality to almost none. We left our old lives to found Warm Heart to help others claim their own equality. We, too, have a dream, a dream that one day equality will be as widely practiced as it is talked about.


"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

Margaret Mead

WarmHeartOrg Inequality at root of woes | Bangkok Post: opinion http://t.co/QM7YBXFIoB
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WarmHeartOrg Prototype of FU2 in-field pyrolyzer almost ready for testing. Comes apart into 5 light panels and chimney. Fits... http://t.co/GAsyMG47CY
WarmHeartOrg Prism - a new line of entirely handcrafted, organic Eri silk scarves from Warm Heart. Beautiful, aren't they?
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