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You can help us win!

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Warm Heart has a wonderful problem, but a problem nonetheless. Our girls are too successful! Instead of dropping out after 6th grade and getting pregnant at 16, our girls are all going on to college.

The cost is killing us! Middle school costs an extra $500/year. High school costs an extra $1,000/year. University costs an extra $5,000/year.  We have 2 girls at university now and 10 more about to join them – and no money.

We have a real opportunity to raise the money needed for these girls to be able to achieve their educational goals and pursue a successful career.

Global Giving is sponsoring a “Girl Fund” contest that we are determined to win!

But we need your help.

The campaign runs for two weeks, starting on February 28th and ending on March 14th.  During the 2-week period our goal will be to have as many donors as possible. We are asking for a $10 donation, it is the number of donors that will determine the winners.

6 winning organizations will share the money raised by Global Giving “Girls Fund” for a full year. This would be an incredible boost to our Higher Education Funds.

Just think, your $10 donation could help us win funding for 1 full year. Can you help?

Vote now!

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