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World Children’s Day

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When we started Warm Heart in 2008, we were unsure about a lot of things, but one thing we knew with certainty was that children deserve all the love, kindness, and opportunities that this world has to offer. That belief and conviction is what allowed us to start working 12 years back, and it is what keeps us going.

They are our future, yet too often they are left behind. They bring joy and innocence into our lives, yet too often they are forced to lose both. This year, alone, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented crisis for child rights – a crisis on which we need to act now.

We all need to do better. We all owe them more. They deserve more.

So, today, on World Children’s Day, let’s come together to reimagine a better future for every child. Let’s think about the world we want to create – we need to create – for them. And, let’s vow to not rest till we have built a brighter one where they can reach for the stars without ever needing to think twice.

~Warm Heart Worldwide

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