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Wishing Star Program

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We want to share with you a most magical time here in Phrao for our children at Warm Heart!

Sandee, who is an 8th grade student at Verso, an innovative International School in Bangkok, volunteers her time helping the children with their English via the internet.

She recognized that all her friends, including our kids at Warm Heart, share a longing,

“During this crisis, we all long for the norm of our old lifestyles, not wearing masks, physically attending school, no social distancing, going to parks, and traveling freely. This emotion has opened our hearts, leading us to naturally be more considerate, tender, open, and connected than before.”

She decided she wanted to do something meaningful. Something big.

“I wanted to give a special date for the kids to long for. A meaningful and memorable day of happiness and the awaiting of new things. What better than Christmas and presents?”

Sandee’s goal was to collect 3 wishes from every child, and match them up with sponsors for each gift. With 28 of our kids participating, that is 84 gifts!

She set up the most incredible private website, listing each child’s profile and wish list. Not only was the site beautiful, it was extremely well organized and effective.

Then she went out to her community and shared her site.

She was able to collect all 84 gifts!

While Warm Heart is a non-religious organization, we acknowledge and respect the many different celebrations from all cultures. We do not usually celebrate a traditional Christmas with the children, this year is definitely going to be a magical time for them,

We appreciate all of the work and dedication that went in to this project by Sandee, Baimon, and everyone who contributed to make it such a huge success.

Christmas morning here in Thailand, the children will be unwrapping their gifts. We will be taking lots of pictures and posting them on our website following the celebration. (Wish Upon a Star Photo Gallery)
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