Sandee’s Wishing Star program was a huge success, and brought many smiles and good cheer to Warm Heart.

Sandee, the 8th grader from Verso International School in Bangkok, conceived the idea of providing the children of Warm Heart 3 wishes for Christmas (Read full story)

Sandee shared:

I valued the importance of meaningfulness and personalization which led to each child choosing their own 3 wishes.

Unlike other donations, each item granted will definitely be something each child is grateful for at a personal level.

There might be some wishes that seem expensive compared to others. But please keep in mind that the children aren’t contrasting the fairness of each other’s wishes by price.

One child’s emotion of personalized meaningfulness from their inexpensive wish is equivalent to another child’s desire and gratefulness for their expensive wish.”

Our Artists

Our children love doing art and had a great time making the Christmas banner and decorations for the Christmas Tree.

Everyone had a great time, it was truly a magical day!

A heartfelt thank you to Sandee and everyone who made this day so special for the kids at Warm Heart.

A few of the reasons we do what we do….

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season and our best wishes for 2022!

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