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What’s for dinner?

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Normally that’s not a real stumper. When you’re locked down in Covid-Quarantine, however, even such an everyday question can be problematic.

Sure, like at home the first thing we do is review the pantry, but it’s not as if we can just pop out for a quick shop if we are missing something.

Shopping is a weekly affair at best, because it’s a 12 mile drive to “city” with a 7-11.

When I cook I must also be aware of our limited supplies of certain foods, such as cheese, a luxury that we can buy only monthly when we drive two hours to the big city. 

Out here, I can’t ask my Mom to get something on the way home. So what we have around us is what we eat.

Now, around us literally means “around us” since we live on a farm it also means that we can only eat what is in season. Once I see what we have around, I come up with a few options and test them.

The most important factor is time. I am a one-man cooking team and it must take 45 minutes or less to prepare the meal. The meal must also be balanced and completely vegetarian since I eat no meat, but allow Michael to add meat if he wants. Michael and I debate our options and pick one for the night. 

How do you decide what’s for dinner? Bon Appetit

Yours Truly,

Chef Yosi 

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