New Biochar Co-Generation System Design

The Warm Heart Environmental Program’s team has begun partnering with two corn shucking businesses in Chiang Dao to help find ways biochar can increase their profits.

Warm Heart began connecting with the two entrepreneurs after they attended one of the biochar trainings. As with many of the trainees, they are interested in putting their new knowledge to work.

Biochar has been a perfect complement to their business. The owners typically buy corn on the cob that has been dried, and then shuck the kernels off with a machine. At the end of the day they have piles of corn cob that are useless.

In the past, they sold the cobs to companies in Chiang Mai that burned it in drying ovens or simply burned it themselves.

Now they realize they can turn the cob into biochar. Corn cob produces some of the best biochar because it catches fire easily and it burns slowly, making it easier to control.

Biochar can also solve another problem for one of the businesses.

When Warm Heart staff visited the site, they saw that the owner was using as many as four large tanks of gas per day to dry corn kernel.

Burning gas costs him as much as 4,000 baht a day. Why not use the heat from the biochar to dry the kernels?

The TLUD biochar oven becomes as hot as 600 to 700 degrees Celsius while the gas burns to about 80 degrees. The Warm Heart Environmental Program team is currently designing a way to feed heat from multiple biochar ovens into the drying machines to replace the gas burners. If successful, this could save the business a ton of money and will eliminate all of the CO2 produced by burning gas.

Additionally, if the co-generation system design succeeds Warm Heart can provide other medium-sized businesses with the same designs to replace gas with biochar.

The Warm Heart Environmental Program continues to search for farmers and businesses that can benefit from producing biochar.

The good word of biochar is quickly spreading!

For free training to learn how you can make and use your own biochar burner watch our instructional video!