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Warm Heart Holds Successful Biochar Trainings

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Community Comes Together


Warm Heart completed two successful trainings for roughly 120 people of the community on January 26 and 27. Both days were spent learning how biochar works, and how to build a TLUD (“top lift up draft”) model. The trainings were an important step towards having the Phrao community (and beyond) use biochar machines to stop the smoke.

Participants discussed the many benefits of biochar, including a smokeless burn, a safe fertilizer, and an odor controller. Participants were also involved in a hands-on training for how to build a TLUD model. This model is designed to be the simplest machine for farmers and villagers to build themselves and use during burning season.



On the first day Warm Heart hosted community leaders, government representatives from three districts (Mae Chaem, Samoeng, and Chiang Dao) and their sub-districts, the chief of Phrao’s Agriculture Department, a representative from Chiang Mai’s Agriculture Department, the chief of Phrao’s Energy Department, and students from four universities in Northern Thailand.

The second day of training focused on teaching villagers the effects of smoke, and how there is a solution that can greatly benefit them. The villagers were first taken to the Mae Pang sub-district office where a local doctor and agricultural office representative presented the ill effects of smoke.

Afterwards they came to Warm Heart for the hands-on training of how to build a TLUD. Roughly 40 people, who can use biochar on their farms, were in attendance.

The Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai, Puttipong Srimath, requested the biochar training as a result of Warm Heart’s first biochar demonstration, which was presented as a sustainable solution to Chiang Mai’s smokey season.

The goal of the trainings was to have community leaders take the knowledge back to their districts and teach others in their respective districts. Warm Heart received word that one person has already done so. Sooksan Tongkaw, head of Agriculture, taught a group of 60 people in Samaeng district.

Warm Heart is here to teach, learn, and share. If you have any questions or would like to schedule training for a village, call us at 66 53-257-205 OR email us at info@warmheartworldwide.org.

The Biochar Project is sponsored by the U.S. Consulate Chiang Mai’s Breath of Fresh Air grant and Chiang Mai Province.

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