Why An Art Contest?
Most of our kids come from a hard past.

These kids know hunger.
They arrive malnourished and are initially protective of the food they are given.

These kids know physical abuse.
Some arrive beaten and scarred.

These kids know abandonment.

These kids know crime.
Many fathers are in jail, many mothers are in prostitution. They come from families rife with alcoholism, addiction, and theft.

But despite it all, these 72 children are succeeding in life!

Our Art Contest Serves Many Purposes

We began the Art Contest as a fun way to expose the children to art, and to get them involved. Theses kids work very hard at school, afternoons are spent with Tutors, and even more classes. They need a break with a fun activity. Our Art Contest has proven to be a success! The children eagerly participate. What we have found is:

  • Helps bring out the creativity and hidden talents of the children
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Instills confidence
  • A fun learning experience
  • Creates excitement at the possibility of winning!
  • Opportunity Makes All the Difference

    Opportunity Makes All the Difference

Jaonoy's shy little sister

Help Change Their Lives

Become a Patron

When we run our contests we offer a small amount of prize money for the top 3 winners, and we usually have 2 age/ability categories. First Place wins 300 baht ($9.00), Second Place wins 200 baht ($6.00) with Third Place receiving 100 baht ($3.00).

One of the most touching moments was when a young boy received his third place award. This particular boy comes from a very difficult background and from the look on his face when we announced his name was priceless. He was stunned, and then he simply glowed.

We would like to run contests more frequently, and expand our horizons. We want to introduce new categories, such as short essays, poetry short stories, photography, and even short videos.

Patrons Help Make This Happen

Please consider being a Patron for one of our contests. You can donate the award money for 1 category, which is $18.00, or both for $36.00. You will be contacted for a copy of your Logo or image you want to represent you, along with any link you may want to share.

Sponsor 1 Age Group:

Only $18.00

Sponsor 2 Age Groups:

Only $36.00