Volunteer in education! As English becomes more and more important to the future of Thailand, we depend on charismatic and creative teachers to help the kids at our Children’s Homes and in the Phrao community improve their fluency. Read what previous volunteers have to share about their experience on our Volunteer Blog.

Volunteer in Education: English Teacher

In 2015, the ASEAN Union will put Thailand in competition with our better-educated neighbors. English is ASEAN’s lingua franca and it is essential that residents of our community are at least conversationally fluent.

Warm Heart has partnered with local organizations and district officials to provide the best supplemental English education we can with our Volunteer in Education program.

This includes teaching in the local public schools, the Informal (Adult) Education program, our own Children’s Home and informally throughout the community.

Programs depend on community needs and volunteer availability, but the paramount importance of this initiative has led us to require at least two hours of teaching per a week from each our volunteers.

Position Overview

Warm Heart seeks a fun-loving and versatile volunteer in education as an English Teacher to teach English throughout our community to students of all ages and skill levels and to track student progress.

Primary Responsibilities

● Responsible for teaching 5-hours per a day, 5 days per a week, including some weekends (this includes 6 hours per a week of English instruction at our Children’s Home).
● Develop a curriculum for each classroom and create daily lesson plans based on existing documentation and materials.
● Create a range of learning materials including worksheets, games, etc.
● Organize and present educational day camps for both Warm Heart children our community during school breaks.
● Systematically track students’ progress throughout your stay.
● Assist with other projects, as assigned.


● Excellent understanding of English language and grammar.
● High-level written and verbal communication skills.
● Flexibility and patience to motivate students with a range of skill levels.
● Creativity in learning methodologies (making worksheets, crafts, games, etc.).
● Ability to think creatively and function in a diverse workplace.


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Volunteer in Education: Retired Teacher

Are You Ready for a Rewarding Adventure? Join us as a volunteer in education!

Warm Heart is a grassroots organization that empowers Thai villagers. Working with the community, Warm Heart organizes projects that improve access to education, basic health services, and jobs and sustainable incomes to the poorest people in the Phrao District of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The new ASEAN Union has put Thailand in competition with our better-educated neighbors. English is the official language of ASEAN and it is an essential skill our young people must possess to seize the opportunities ASEAN offers.

Warm Heart partners with a small elementary school for minority children from the mountains and directly supports almost 20% of students. The school is terribly understaffed in all subjects, but has never had an English teacher – and will certainly never have one without Warm Heart’s help.

Position Overview

Warm Heart seeks an adventurous retired teacher to volunteer in education to teach English at Ton Roong School. The Thai school year runs May to March, but you can start as soon as you are available. Come join us and be a part of the Warm Heart community of international volunteers and Thai staff.

Primary Responsibilities

• Teach grade 1-6 English at the Ton Roong School. Schedule can be negotiated with the principal, but the normal load is 4-5 hours per day, 5 days per week.

• Possible teaching at the Warm Heart Children’s Homes during after school homework and extra class time.


• Many years of previous experience as a teacher, ESL/TESL experience helpful but not required.

• Flexibility and patience to motivate students with a range of skill levels

• Ability to think creatively and function in a diverse workplace (think fundamentally different cultural setting)

Working for a start-up NGO in a foreign country, especially one located in a small town, places special demands on volunteers. Volunteer ESL/TESL teachers will work in a Thai school with Thai colleagues who do things entirely differently than they are done at home.

Students will be minority children from largely illiterate families. The work is demanding and can prove difficult at times due to linguistic and cultural barriers. However, teachers are given the highest respect in Thai culture, and you will be treated as royalty.

Warm Heart therefore requires volunteers who have excellent interpersonal and diversity skills, lots of patience, perseverance and endurance. Warm Heart also requires initiative-taking individuals who are self-starting, flexible and self-managing.

Bottom line: We serve real people with real needs and we need only volunteers ready to accept the intellectually, professionally, and personally challenging work we offer. Being a “volunteer” at Warm Heart means only that you are not being paid for your work; it does not mean that you carry any less responsibility for the promises we have made to the people of Phrao.


Volunteering at Warm Heart is an opportunity to immerse oneself in both authentic Thai culture and the beautiful mountains surrounding Warm Heart’s location in Phrao. Local villagers will welcome you to share in the simple pleasure of day-to-day life, while Phrao’s north central location provides the perfect base camp to explore the rest Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Warm Heart’s offices and Ton Roong School are conveniently located just 70 kilometers north of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city, where all the comforts of Western culture can be found.


A minimum one year commitment is required. The kids need the continuity and you will begin to feel at home only after you’ve been here a few months.


• You will make a real difference. You will meet the people whose lives you are changing – kids and families – and the changes you will bring will be big: jobs and sustainable incomes.

• You will leverage your experience for good. Here’s an amazing opportunity to take your talents on the road.

• You will gain an entirely new appreciation of your own professional skills. For years you may have been doing the same old same old; here the expertise you bring is unique. What you have to offer is literally the key to the future for children whose families have cycled through poverty for generations.

• You will grow. Really. You are on your own in a strange place working with a staff of Thais on the real problems of real people. It’s like human growth hormone for the soul.

• You will meet cool people. Warm Heart volunteers come from everywhere from Australia to Vietnam. You will have the chance to develop close-knit friendships with other volunteers as well as the locals.


Unlike many volunteer programs, Warm Heart does not charge a participation fee or require a donation. We will help you with a 1-year Visa and assist you with finding accommodations in the town of Phrao.

Living costs are extremely cheap. On your pension, you’ll be a big spender – or a big saver – according to your own lights. Consider this an invitation to the exotic adventure vacation you could never afford before!


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