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The Stars

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The most beautiful thing that I can see comes out after the Sun goes down.

Slowly but surely they emerge from the empty void. Stars that form vibrant constellations.

They are uninhibited by any form of light pollution due to the remoteness of this area. Up there Lucy is truly In The Sky With Diamonds.

The most magical moment is when I look to a certain spot in the sky and my eyes adjust. They seem to materialize before my eyes and form a warm presence in a spot that had just been cold.

I use an app that traces out the forms of the constellations. I see the horoscopes, animals, and of course the Little and the Big Dipper.

I’ve always heard people talk about the twinkle of stars but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes until now. There are of course shooting stars and if I look to a spot in the sky and one will come in under five minutes. Then one comes that is truly shooting across the sky.

There is a very slow moving star; the International Space Station. Who knows, one day I might be looking down on you from up there. Now that will definitely be a blog post. 

P.S. considering the footage the Pentagon just released someone else might be looking up at us in their night sky. 

Yours Truly, Astrologer Yosi

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