Our Work with Sustainable Livelihoods

Women weaving beautiful, all natural, silk scarves, made with hand-spun, botanically dyed, wild Eri silk.


Our microenterprise works with local artisan groups by providing a fair wage for creating beautiful scarves and jewelry which we sell globally on our website Fashion Accessories by Warm Heart. All profits are reinvested in the program to help more women.

Aom leading biochar training on how to build an oven

Biochar Project

Teaching farmers how to make biochar to improve their soil and increase the quality and quantity of their crops is a major part of our environmental program. The Biochar Project decreases emissions of global warming gases and killer PM2.5 (tiny smoke particulates), while creating jobs during the dry season when there is no work for the poor.

Making bricks with ladder mold

Styrofoam Brick Project

Working with cement and recycled styrofoam we create building bricks that are strong, light weight, and environmentally friendly. It is easy to do and creates a useful product that can be sold. We have built two cool, test structures at Warm Heart,. Our main aim, however, is to create meaningful work for men and bricks to build low-cost housing tor the destitute disabled and elderly.

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