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Sustainable Earth

Global crop waste burning – micro-biochar; how a small community development organization learned experientially to address a huge problem one tiny field at a time

“The world’s 2.5 billion poorest people – small farmers living at the far fringe of the developing world – and their billion or so slightly better off neighbors burn 10.5 billion metric tonnes (tonnes) of crop waste annually. Smoke from their fires reddens the sun, closes airports, shuts schools and governments – and kills millions of people (World Health Organization (WHO).”

So begins Dr. Michael Shafer’s comprehensive Abstract on the problems of smoke, how it is related to climate change, and what we, Warm Heart are doing about it.

You can read the full article at BMC Port of Springer Nature.

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  1. hgjfyh
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  2. Xyrah kaye Marvida
    | Reply

    The earth is made up of environments in which all living and inanimate creatures live. The physical, biological, and natural forces of nature combine and create the circumstances that allow an organism to survive. Such events are called environments.

    Hopefully this problem will be resolved and addressed
    because many people are still burning, smoking which is causing damage to our ecosystem. There can also be severe air pollution. Because of this, people can get sick. We need a Healthy ecosystem because it cleans our water, it cleans our air, it maintains our soil, it controls the climate, and it gives us food. Thank you to all the organizations that help keep our biodiversity and ecosystem healthy to save our Planet Earth.

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