Our Stop the Smoke Social Enterprise project addresses Climate Change, the crisis of our times, where it starts – locally – but our solutions are global.

Warm Heart’s focus is on sustainable community development in Phrao, a rural, mountainous community in Northern Thailand.

Our experimental, technology and training programs are replicable anywhere.

We believe, and are demonstrating that community social enterprises provide new local sources of income by repurposing and recycling waste that is polluting our world.

We’ve recently launched a new venture called Biochar Life.  It’s the next evolution of our biochar program with a focus on helping farmers access the global carbon offset market via the production of biochar. 

Producing and using biochar vs open field burning is a significant benefit to the planet. 

We ensure the proceeds from selling the CO2 credits reach the hands of the farmer and local community to uplift those who need it the most, paving the way to make saving the environment profitable and sustainable.

Resources for you

We have many resources for learning about biochar. Below is a list of pages you maybe interested in:

Biochar Trench
Instructions for Making a Trench

Basic Training (Multi-language) 

Biochar Basics
Basic Biochar Info

Biochar Research

DIY videos 

Videos from Africa

Follow our progress through our Quarterly Reports

Our Current Global Partners

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