Charitable Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Why donate Stock instead of cash?

You will benefit from significant tax savings when you give stock instead of cash.

When you donate stock it will help you save on capital gains and income taxes, and provide income tax deductions.

Because of capital gains and income taxes on appreciated stock, giving these assets is the most financially-savvy way for donors to maximize their philanthropic impact.

Test it out for yourself! See what kind of tax savings and impact you can have. You can look up your stock ticker information here, then enter the amount you originally paid for the stock, and how many shares you would like to donate, and it will provide you the amount Warm Heart would receive and what your capitol gains tax savings would be for you.

How do you donate Stock?

Warm Heart has partnered with Overflow, the industry leader in stock transfers. They have made the transaction safe, easy and fast.

Discover how you can make a meaningful contribution while saving on taxes. A win-win transaction!

Once you click on the Donate Stock with Overflow button you will be taken to our partner site. First step is to provide your email address, you will receive a password to login to the site.

Next you will select your Brokerage, then Select Stock. After completing the Stock Details, you will Select a Campaign (Year End). You will then be asked to complete your Personal Information, including Secure Info, then you will Review and Submit if it all looks good!


Learn more about other ways of giving on our Legacy Giving page.

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