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Sponsor Update Nipa

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Age: 17

Grade: Technical College

Recent Report Card

Nipa finished her first term at Panich Technical College vocational high school in Chiang Mai with a 3.76. She is thriving and making new friends.

20 Questions

Just for fun we asked our kids some questions. Below are Nipa’s answers to some of the questions.

Who’s your best friend?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A nurse

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
The power to get whatever I want

Can you name one thing that scares you?

What do you do when you’re scared to make it less scary?
I run away

What is the first thing you can remember?
When my parents had me

What’s the hardest thing about being a child?
Not understanding people’s feelings

If you could time-travel, where and when would you go?
Back when my family was together

Art Contest

Nipa won 3rd place in our Art Contest “Loy Krathong”


Nipa is slowly settling into a happier place in her life. Home, I think, was always a scary place because of violence, separations and the constant threat of abandonment. A little more than a year ago, I took Nipa aside and said to her: “Look, I’m not making any judgement and you don’t have to explain anything, just listen. If going home upsets you, you can live here all the time and be one our special kids.” Since then, Nipa has made a couple of day trips to the village with staff, but hasn’t spent the night. At Warm Heart, she has relaxed a lot. She is friendlier, more open and more involved. I think she feels safe and is slowly making Warm Heart her home. At dinner, I always touch her on the shoulder and raise an eyebrow. The reward is a big smile and a little nod.

2015 – Journey to Warm Heart

Nipa is from Arye, an Akha village in the mountains.

With no access to an educational system, Nipa’s parents decided to send her to a school in Viang Papoa accompanied by her older sister and their mother.

Nipa’s sister moved to a Christian school in Chiang Rai and her mother moved to southern Thailand.

Her father works as a day laborer in Chiang Rai so he turned to Warm Heart to take Nipa.

Nipa still has four older sisters and an older brother at home, but without parents or a real family, Nipa has joined the “family” of Warm Heart kids who live here year around.


Since her arrival at Warm Heart Nipa says she has really enjoyed having the after school tutors around to help with her favorite subjects- English, science, and math.

Her main hobbies are drawing and reading.

When she grows up, Nipa plans to become a photographer and hopes the profession will take her to many places around the world.

She says her first stop would be Bangkok to see the big buildings, bright lights, and busy streets!

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