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Sponsor Update Jaran

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Age: 15

Grade: 9

Recent Report Card

Jaran finished the first term of 9th grade with continued improvement – 2.94 up from a 2.88 GPA and earned 4 A’s. He earned an A in Math, and technology. He’s a good role model and leader of the boys.


Jaran is already everyone’s favorite helper.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings when he is ready to start the yard work, the first guy Dr. Shafer asks for is Jaran.

He is a BIG fourteen and has a lot of experience carrying a load.

His father disappeared and his mother struggles to support herself and her two boys as a day laborer in the small, mountain village of Mae Sai Koaw.

Without Warm Heart’s support, neither boy could have gone to school.

Today, Jaran is in seventh grade, excelling at math and football.

2016 – Ton Roong School

Jaran is a Lahu child from the village of Mae Sai Koaw and the youngest of four children.

Jaran’s parents work in farming and teaching.

Jaran likes playing football. In school Jaran enjoys PE and math.

Jaran’s favorite color is blue.

In the future Jaran would like to go to high school and university.

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