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Age: 14

Grade: 7th

Recent Report Card

Cafe just finished the first semester of 7th grade. She ended the semester by earning 6 A’s and a GPA of 2.93. She earned high marks in core subjects – Thai, English, Math, Art ! We look forward to continuing to see Café learn and grow.

Michael’s Observations:

Café has shot up in height to the point that it always requires a double take to distinguish her from her big sister, Attitaya. Café is cool, calm and collected, really sweet, but totally on top of things. She laughs and plays with the best of them, but is also a savvy observer. She continues to do well in school and in sports and like all the kids in her family is just lovely. Café is a big help around Warm Heart and a big contributor when it comes to the growing Warm Heart farm project. We are setting up to be food self-sufficient and each of the kids has his/her own row of vegetables. Café’s is densely planted and always perfectly weeded. She also likes to help P’Laa, an older woman who now lives with us and is a master gardener with lots to teach.


20 Questions

Just for fun we asked our kids some questions. Below are Cafe‘s answers to some of the questions.

Who’s your best friend?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A soldier

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
Be able to travel back in time

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
The world would be full of good people, reach my goals, no drugs in the world

Can you name one thing that scares you?

What do you do when you’re scared to make it less scary?
Being careful

What’s the nicest thing a friend has ever done?
Be with my when I was lonely

Who are your three best role models?
Family, my best friend and my teacher

What’s the first thing you can remember?
My parents

If you could be anyone in the world for a day, who would it be and why?

What’s the hardest thing about being a child?
Having your period

What was your favorite part of your day?

If you could take a plane to go anywhere, where would you go?

If you could have any animal what would it be?
A lion

If you could change anything about school, what would it be?

If you could change anything in the world, what would you change?
Bad people into good people

What are you proudest of in your life?
My mind

Nagomi Art


Art Contests

Cafe has been an active participant in our art contests.

Loy Krathong

Self Portrait

Photography Contest


2016 – About Cafe

Café is unrecognizable! She is literally a foot taller, maybe more. And she has begun to mature. Gone is the cute – really cute – little girl face. When she turns to look at you now, she is a young woman. Calm, even gaze, straight in the eye, not flirtatious, not challenging, but open and slightly inquisitive. Café continues to do well in school and like her big sister, Attitaya, always works diligently with our afterschool teachers. She is not forthcoming about her plans for the future – or anything else, for that matter. (The sisters are renowned for being tight mouthed.) But spoken or not, Ms. Café has a plan to achieve something big.

2015 – Journey to Warm Heart


With beautiful eyes and a tiny laugh, Cafe comes from the Akha village of Arye.

Arye is too far from the nearest school for children to attend.

The family has two young boys who suffer from hemophilia. As poor farmers, Cafe’s parents do not have the income to pay medical bills and support their six children.

The parents asked Warm Heart to take Cafe and her sisters Attitiya and Pimpisaa during the school months. Cafe and her sisters are now members of the core “family” of kids who live at Warm Heart year around.


When she arrived Cafe spoke only Akha. As Cafe’s comfort level at Warm Heart has increased, so has her knowledge of Thai – and in 2014 she got perfect grades at school!

Her favorite activities are drawing and painting. She says drawing is her own special talent.

Her favorite color is pink.

She loves dogs, especially the Warm Heart dogs Pompooi and Mickey.

At school she prefers Thai class above all else. She very much looks up to her teachers and the House Mothers at Warm Heart.

She thinks she will be a teacher when she grows up.

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