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Sponsor Update C

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Age: 10

Grade: 4th

Recent Report Card

C is growing rapidly and is full of energy – ready to help on the farm or other projects, but flies off on one of our bicycles whenever he has a chance.  He is no longer the youngest boy and has taken the new boys, Pon and Aoo under his wing.

As the youngest of the A-B-C team, he still follows his older brothers.  A tends to keep them all out of trouble in spite of their explorations of every nook and cranny at Warm heart.

C started the 4th grade in July, after a 6 weeks delay due to the COVID lockdown.   “C” completed the 3rd grade with an excellent 3.7 grade point average.

Michael’s Observations:

It is increasingly difficult to remember that C arrived at Warm Heart malnourished. He was so pathetic – underweight and way too short for his age. Well, no longer. C is big, really big. He is health, strong, bursting with energy and a force to be reckoned with. C is very sharp – he gets great grades in school – and now understands English well, although he will not use it unless all else is lost. PDang (or PJ), our Chief of Staff, has taken A, B and C under his wing. They mix well with PJ’s four boys, with whom PJ speaks in English. All three boys have picked up English just as they picked up Thai when they first arrived. C loves PJ’s attention and has settled in happily as SriPan’s youngest “son.” SriPan is our head housemother who just adopted a two year old daughter. C loves nothing better than taking her for walks, playing with her and feeding her. For a little boy with so much trauma in his past, C is one of the kindest, sweetest kids ever, although you do have to pay attention to that gleam of mischief in his eye!

20 Questions

Just for fun we asked our kids some questions. Below are C’s answers to some of the questions.

Who’s your best friend?
A friend from school

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
To fly

What are the five best things about you?
Cheerful and handsome

Art Contests

C Has participated in several of our art contests.

What is your Dream?

Mother Nature

C won 3rd Place!

Photography Contest


C is everyone’s baby, a position he has learned to exploit to full advantage. (Why resist?)

And you should have seen him when he was sick. Sooooo pathetic. Ohhh.

Anyway, Junior is flourishing.

He has a long road ahead.

He still has nightmares.

He is still anxious.

He is still clingy.

But the kid is only 6.

A year and a half ago, he was so traumatized he couldn’t talk.

We’ll sort him out.

In the meantime, a great C story.

The other day, NaPan, Warm Heart senior housemother, shows up at our house lugging a huge basket of clean laundry.

C is following along hanging onto the basket.

I ask: “Hey, C, what are you doing?”

He answers: “Helping mom.”

2015 – Journey to Warm Heart

At only 5 years old, C is one of the youngest children at Warm Heart.

C and his older brothers, A and B, arrived at Warm Heart in early 2014 when found wandering in a field by a passerby, who called Warm Heart. Their parents worked far away and left the boys alone for long periods.

This left big brother A as the caregiver for B and C.

Warm Heart helped move the boys to Ton Roong Boarding School where the boys spent the week and then the weekend at Warm Heart. After six months of tracking their progress, Warm Heart decided to bring the boys to Warm Heart full time.

Upon arrival C barely spoke, and even less Thai. C and his brothers are now members of the core “family” of kids who live at Warm Heart year around.


The brothers are thriving at Warm Heart, thanks to after school tutors, diligent House Mothers, and friends at Warm Heart.

C has gone from speaking only Akha to nearly fluent in Thai. He also soaks up English like a sponge any time he hears it.

C’s favorite color is green and he will play any game put in front of him.

C exclaims that at Warm Heart he loves having house moms and staff to take care of and cook for him. His love of the food is apparent- if you watch at meal times C is often running up for seconds and thirds.

He also loves getting treats from P’Lin (Evelind’s Thai name) and the volunteers.

The fact that C is the baby of Warm Heart becomes apparent to any onlooker- every Warm Heart kid treats C like a little brother and every Warm Heart volunteer falls for his smile.

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