Break the chains of poverty when you sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child, you are helping severely disadvantaged children. Some Warm Heart kids come to us simply because they are from isolated mountain villages with no school. Most of our kids come from a hard past.

But Warm Heart’s Children’s Homes offer more than an opportunity to go to school. They also provide a place of healing.

  • These kids know hunger. They arrive malnourished and are initially protective of the food they are given.
  • These kids know physical abuse. They arrive beaten and scarred.
  • These kids know abandonment.
  • These kids know crime. Many fathers are in jail, many mothers are in prostitution. They come from families rife with alcoholism, addiction, and theft.

But despite it all, these our children are succeeding in life.

When you sponsor a child, they don’t wonder when their next meal will be or when their parent will come home.

They have the opportunity to laugh and be kids.

Without your help some of these children would never go to school and most would drop out of school after sixth grade.

When you sponsor a child where does the money go?

When you sponsor a child, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty, crime, and substance abuse.

If anything, our children are overachieving.

Because of Warm Heart they are graduating kindergarten, ninth grade, high school.

All of them.

They are going to college.

And that’s expensive, because with every promotion – from grade school to middle school, from middle school school to high school or vo-tec, from high school to university – the costs go up and up.

Today we actually have to factor success into our cost-per-child budget!

How to Sponsor a Child

Meet the children that are currently hoping for a Sponsor.

Only $125 a month

Warm Heart depends on donations from people like you, people who want to make a difference in the world.

People who recognize that a small donation can make a huge impact on improving the lives of others.

As a Sponsor your help provides the required financial stability to keep our program healthy and strong.

Your recurring donation of $125 a month allows us to plan for the number of children we can accept and focus on the care of each child.

Your donation stretches far to not only keep us going, but affords us the opportunity to continue to grow and help even more children.

Sponsors can be individuals, groups of friends, members of clubs or social groups, or businesses.

Anyone who recognizes the opportunity of giving a small amount of money each month to help move mountains.

Please consider joining our Warm Heart family as a Sponsor. The rewards are boundless!

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