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Smile! Show me your pearly whites!

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Smile! What is a smile worth?



There is no Tooth Fairy in rural Northern Thailand to make sure that kids grow up with healthy teeth. Where Warm Heart works, the only dental care available is extraction.

Children get cavities. (What children don’t get cavities?)

The cavities go untreated.

The tooth breaks.

The child gets an infection. The tooth is extracted. This sets in motion a process that generally results in the last tooth coming out in twenty years – age 35.

Imagine that you were gumming your food at 35. Not a pleasant thought, is it?

Unhealthy teeth don’t just harm children’s mouths, they can affect everyday life! Kids with poor oral health, like untreated cavities, often speak and eat less and have a hard time focusing on classwork.

In fact, kids with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school due to pain caused by cavities. And, kids with infections are more prone to teeth extraction which can lead to an increased risk of losing more and more teeth in the future.


At Warm Heart we want to make sure these kids futures are set up for success with their education and bright a smile!

Operation Tooth Fairy is aimed at doing just that!

Operation Tooth Fairy takes poor kids to the dentist before the trouble begins.

Ironically, there may be no dental care where we are, but 90 kilometers (50 miles) away in Chiang Mai the highest quality, modern dentistry is available, always at a low cost, sometimes at a discount for NGOs (nonprofits) like Warm Heart.

With the goal of getting 50 kids to the dentist for x-rays and cleanings we need extra help. We have started a fundraising campaign just for the purpose of being able to provide needed dental care to the children that live here at Warm Heart.

Click below to check out how YOU can help a child smile today!

Operation Tooth Fairy


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