Pukpong 2
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What does it mean to a child to have a sponsor?

It means that they are not alone, there is someone out there who cares about them.

Someone who provides wings for them to pursue their dreams, and build a future for themselves through an education.

It means the world to them.


Pokpong is crazy about sports, which is good when you are the seventh of eight kids in a really poor house where food is in short supply and it is easy to get pushed aside at the pot.

Recently, Pokpong’s family broke up and he and his youngest brother have been living with their elderly grandmother in the Lahu village of Mae Sai Koaw on the mountain ridge far above Phrao.

Grandma is too poor to send the boys to school so Warm Heart has supported them at Tong Roong School.

As a seventh grader, Pokpong moved to Warm Heart this year, where he is an active member of its Warm Heart football (soccer) team and an avid ping pong player.

He wants to go to university someday, but for now, he says he’s learning too much to decide.