Matching Donors to Worthy Projects

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Philanthropy Connections identifies successful and worthy nonprofits in need of funding and connects caring and committed donors to these programs. It is the innovative creation of Sallo Polak to solve one of the biggest problems dogging the nonprofit sector.


First Senior Center in Phrao

There are lots of excellent but small nonprofits doing great work that no one has heard of – and lots of would-be philanthropists who do not want to give to big, anonymous organizations, but have no way of knowing which of thousands of small nonprofits are for real.

Philanthropy Connections studies hundreds of nonprofits and suggests a few dozen as “donate-able.” This is how we met Vivid and Roger Lee, philanthropists from Taiwan who wanted to do something that would make a big and lasting impact in the lives of the elderly.

Together we renovated an old primary school to create the first community senior center in Phrao.