In this very short video you can see the amazing difference of crop produced with and without the use of biochar.


Pumpkin Crop – With and Without Biochar (Kenya)

The amazing results of biochar! Biochar is the best solution to reduce poverty and hunger. Making biochar also helps stop agricultural smoke, reducing fuel for global warming!

Mercy in Millet field with biochar (Kenya)

Kenya director Mercy standing in her biochar charged millet field.

Everlyne harvesting Sorghum (Kenya)

Kenya trainer Everlyne harvesting bumper crop of sorghum raised with biochar.

Sammy and Everlyne in corn field (Kenya)

Trainer Everlyne and her husband show off the benefits of biochar.


Biochar Improves Chicken Performance (Malawi)

Farmer shows how to mix biochar with chicken feed to improves health and increase egg production. Also good for keeping down odor and flies when spread around chicken coop.SHOW MORE

Farmer James using biochar for 3 years (Malawi )

Malawi farmer James discusses advantages of having used biochar in his fields for 3 years.

Making Biochar

Using Biochar

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