$10 a month changes everything. It changes you. It changes life for smallholder farming families. And it changes our environment.


My name is Carol, and I set up the Patreon Community to support a cause that is dear to my heart.

Biochar Training for Smallholder Farmers

By nature I am a very shy person and do not like to be in the limelight. I prefer to be the fly on the wall, observing life from a distance.

I realize in order to make this community grow this little fly needs to start talking, and share what I am seeing, and hopefully inspire you with the stories, photos and videos I plan on sharing with the community.

Why I Care

In Thailand I was introduced to Michael Shafer and Evelind Schecter, founders of Warm Heart Worldwide. They were looking for someone to rebuild their website, and building websites happens to be one of my passions. 

Building their website gave me an intimate view of who they are, what they are doing, and how it was having a positive impact on so many people in so many areas. Each day I was more inspired by what I was seeing.

That was 7 years ago, and now they are a big part of my family. I continue to manage their website, trying to keep up with everything they are doing (Impossible!) to update the website. 

I watched first hand the biochar program grow from its inception to where it is today. I have witnessed a dream become a reality! 

Their biochar solution is so simple and mind-blowing impactful. Not only are they eliminating a major source of polluting smoke, they are offering a sustainable method for farmers to handle their crop waste. A solution that builds healthy soils, improves their crops, increases their meager farmer incomes, AND in the process they are sequestering carbon, which is what we need to be doing NOW to relieve climate change.

Last April I started supporting the training through a monthly donation to their Global Giving “Sustainable Farming to Relieve Hunger in Malawi”.  For me it was very special. I had witnessed the growth and development of the relationship between Warm Heart and Sister Miriam (one of my favorite heroes!) and I got to know the players in Malawi. 

Perhaps because I was seeing first hand the impact my donation was having, it filled me with a sense of awe and joy, as well as a sense of accomplishment. I was contributing to something much bigger than myself.

Why You Should Care!

Besides wanting to raise money for the Farmer Training I want to share with you the opportunity to experience the same incredible feelings of being a part of this project. 

Through this Patreon community I want to introduce you to the diverse, wonderful people involved in this project so you get to know them like I do. I want to make it personal. 

The biochar program has taken off and the more funds we are able to raise we can continue to grow and extend our reach to teach smallholder farmers. Thus having an even greater impact on reversing climate change.

The membership fees are set low so anyone can participate and join us, and feel good about participating as members supporting carbon removal, the most cost effective, beneficial climate action!

We are all connected by the reality of climate change. It will take all of us to participate to make significant changes to achieve climate justice.

Let’s build a two way community together. The great thing about Patreon is the opportunity to respond, share your stories. and connect

My goal is to inspire you by sharing the successes and milestones we are reaching through our support of the Farmer Training program.

I personally invite you to visit our community and consider joining me as a Supporter. For many $10 a month is pocket change. For the farmers it is life changing.

Visit our community now!

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