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Our Dream of a New School Bus

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We would love to buy a brand-new school bus to tote our 45 kids back and forth to school!  But our plans are more realistic.

December 1st is Giving Tuesday. We are launching our School Bus fundraising campaign on this day to leverage the bonus money Global Giving provides in matching funds.

Please help us get the word out on Giving Tuesday by making a personal donation and asking friends to do the same. If you are willing to participate just send an email with “Add Me” to Carol@warmheartfoundation.org and on December 1st she will send you a notice when the campaign is live, it only lasts 24 hours!

We plan on purchasing a flatbed truck in good condition and building out the flatbed with a canopy and seats for passengers. But even a used flatbed and the materials required to convert it to a “Thai” style bus are beyond our means.

We plan to decorate our new “bus” with the names of all the generous hearted people who help make this dream come true for us!

Here on the Warm Heart campus we have handprints on our wall. This design will be added to the bus exterior. Each donor’s name will be added to the handprints of our children.

Warm Heart vehicles – and certainly the new bus – are shared with the local schools for field trips and we coordinate transportation for seniors and disabled, providing them an opportunity to attend local events and be a part of the community.

The more service the bus provides, the more people in Phrao will know how many people benefit from the project you made possible.  Please open your generous heart to this project and all those it supports.

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