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Our Community

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It already feels so wonderful to be loved by your neighbors. But here at Warm Heart we get a truly special kind of love. I think the best place to start describing that love has to be the random gifts.

From time to time I will find a table or fridge full of new food and drink. But we didn’t go shopping for them, they were dropped off by a neighbor who loves us.

Just this week it was an abundance of fruit and milk. People around truly appreciate all of the work that we do. Their way of thanking us for this is by giving these gifts.

When I go for a walk wearing my Warm Heart t-shirt passing motorists always give me a honk or cheer.

Michael is greeted with such love wherever he goes. He knows everyone so well that he can give me the life story of anyone we encounter.

But no matter who it is they always ask the same question. Where is P’Lin?

P’Lin is Evelind’s Thai name who is currently in the U.S. Everyone misses her friendliness and warmth which helped her become friends with nearly everyone between here and Phrao. 

Don’t worry folks P’Lin will be back soon, 

What’s your community like?

Yours Truly, Neighbor Yosi

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