P’Tai is super-mom. Her own two boys are always first in their class, so we passed on to her the task of managing our older boys’ annex.

She rules five teenage guys with humor and a firm hand, while running a small restaurant and our Public Health Program in her sub-district. (She even gets the boys to scrub floors weekends!)

Every afternoon and many Saturdays and Sundays, P’Tai visits the elderly and disabled in Maewan, bringing her big laugh, mops and pots – and running people to the clinic whenever necessary.

We have known P’Tai since 2008 and in 2009 she was our first microloan recipient.

She joined Warm Heart officially in 2013 as Cook, Logistics Coordinator and Matron and last year established the Annex.

She expanded her small restaurant across the street from our original offices and is renowned for her delicious Khao Soi.

Judging by the crowds, all of Phrao seems to agree.