From Junk to Next-to-New

February 3, 2022

Bingo-Presto! Just like that our clapped out, rusty, old, dark blue-green Suzuki (older than all but a couple of staff members) became a shiny, bright red, new-to-us car!

I am not kidding.

The magic started innocently enough. Two of the old car’s windows wouldn’t go up or down, only one door opened and the trunk popped up unexpectedly in traffic.

What to do?

Take it to the Suzuki man. He pondered our junker and asked the obvious question: “Why do you keep fixing this thing?”

And we gave the obvious answer: “Because we cannot afford a better car.”

He contemplated us and said, “I have an idea.”

He led us through his jam packed shop to a really nice looking car and said, “This car’s engine is hopeless. Your car has a good engine. Why don’t I put your engine in this car?”


For the cost of fixing the windows, doors and trunk of the old car, we now have a rust free, new looking machine that Soda can drive proudly around Phrao as she visits homebound elders.

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