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News Archive September 2017 Environmental Progress News

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September, 2017

“There’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent and growing threat of a changing climate.” ~ U.S. President Barack Obama

What Can One Person Do?

News Archive September 2017


When you fully embrace the consequences of what we are facing with climate change you most likely feel overwhelmed, kind of like standing frozen in fear on a railroad track while watching a train barreling down on you.

At least that is how I feel.

Fortunately the train is still a few miles away.

Which leaves us a few option.

Jump off the track

The first obvious thing we need to do is jump off the track! We need to overcome our paralysis and take action. Or we can just stand there and let the train run us over. End of story.

Derail the train before it hits

We know that dirty energy is polluting our world, creating global warming that is causing climate change. Fortunately, money speaks, loudly. Companies that do not care about the environment do care about profits. What happens when people stop buying their products or services? They change, because they want to stay in business. As an individual you can help bring about change by controlling where you spend your money.

Switch tracks

The last thing we can do is take personal responsibility for how we live our lives. Are you aware of your own carbon footprint? Do you make an effort to reduce your impact on the environment? You do not have to radically change your lifestyle, just live smarter and more aware.

The Entire World Needs To Hear This

Guest Post

One way you can take action is through volunteering. Whether it is at a local food bank, an environmental organization, or here at Warm Heart. Volunteers are the backbone of social change.

Our guest article this month outlines the rewards you can get from volunteering. Perhaps it will inspire you to find a niche that can use your help.

7 Ways How Volunteering Enriches Your Life

News Archive September 2017
Photo by criss_chengck10339, CC0 1.0


Nothing feels better than giving back to the community and help the less fortunate. That sense of joy that you can contribute and make a difference is endearing.

Volunteering for community groups and engaging with the less fortunate can be beneficial in multiple ways that we may not realise! We do gain from acts of selfless love and help. So here are a few points that help in realising how volunteering can enrich our lives!

1. Building Connections!

The most obvious way in which volunteering can benefit us is through the community connections that we build while volunteering! This not only helps in making new friends but also helps us feel that we are a part of a bigger community, a bigger purpose.

The most wonderful experiences that you can have in life is to work with like-minded individuals while volunteering. You can learn immensely in the company of others who have interests similar to yours. After all, we are social animals who need the support of our community to flourish and grow.

2. A Sense of Mental Wellbeing

Volunteering can help you feel more confident about yourself, grow your self-esteem and make you feel more accomplished. After all, you are a part of something big that is helping build lives of others! The warmth and happiness one feels while volunteering is like none other.

It helps you feel fulfilled like you are making a difference. It has been proven that volunteering boosts the mental state of any individual as the act of giving releases hormones in our body that make us a happy person.

3. Learn New Skills

Needless to say, volunteering for a cause can help you learn new skills that you may not have been aware of before. Working in a blood donation camp may help you realise the importance of leadership, event management and gain a new perspective on organisation and execution.

Volunteering teaches you skills that are a basic requirement while engaging with the community such as your social and communication skills. It helps you build and grow as a human being. It may also help in changing perspectives and may open your mind to new ideas and innovation in the field of community service!

Multiple entrepreneurs today are focusing on community service and how they can contribute in giving back to the community in such a way that it uplifts the society and ultimately lead to economic growth as well.

4. Improves Physical Well-Being

Studies have shown that volunteering not only aids in mental health and well-being but can also help in sustaining your physical health. Studies have found that in many cases, people who are active volunteers have a lower blood pressure and volunteering has helped in increasing the lifespan of many! Mother Teresa is a good example of someone who was both mentally and physically well. It could have been because of her life’s cause to contribute to the society.

Volunteering also helps in reducing the stress and anxiety levels of individuals. It helps people to take their minds off their everyday problems and enrich their understanding when they see someone less fortunate as them. Plus, since you’ll be working outside, it can be counted as a physical activity.

5. Tackle with Life Problems

Volunteering makes a person more humble and grateful. After seeing the plight of the less fortunate, a person becomes more grateful towards whatever they may have in life. Volunteering makes you a better human being. It helps in realising the importance of something as basic as a toilet in your house. It also helps you when you face difficult times since volunteering helps you in the realisation that things do get better, as in the case of the less fortunate through volunteering work.

Volunteering makes one an optimistic person who knows difficult times don’t last and must not deter oneself from the larger purpose of life and giving back to the community!

6. Impact and Change the World

You are the harbinger of change when you help the community. When we are volunteering, we may not realise the importance and impact it has on the people/animals/any entity. Being a part of a community gives you a purpose in life, a feeling that you do matter. You are the change. It just takes one candle to light the dark room. Each individual is capable of changing the world by volunteering.

7. Explore Careers and Opportunities

For students who want to explore different work atmospheres whether it is in the social sphere or the corporate sphere, volunteering can be a great way to work in these fields. Volunteering helps in creating a plethora of opportunities for you to explore. It is a safe platform to build new skills in a career path or any other that you may later pursue in life.

Overall, volunteering enriches your life with its multifaceted ways of making you a better human being. And not just that, it brings a change and makes the world a better place to live in!

Author Bio: Joseph is the author of the blog TillerAdvisor.com, where he writes about his experience and expertise in gardening. He is a gardening enthusiast and uses this blog as an avenue to connect to others like him and help them with tips and tricks that he may have learned while gardening. The blog specialises in providing information on the various kinds of tillers available in the market.

News Archive September 2017

Small Things Mean a Lot

When I was a child my mother use to make me eat all of my dinner with the line “don’t waste food, think of all the children around the world who are starving”.

While it made me feel a little guilty, it did not make much sense to me.

The food was cooked and served, how would my eating it or not eating it affect the poor children around the world who had nothing to eat?

As an adult, I do try to be very careful not to waste food. There are still times I buy food that ends up going to waste, either ripens too fast, leftovers spoil before I get to them, or some other lame reason foods gets tossed out.

After reading John Hawthorne’s article 5 Ways Wasting Food Hurts the Environment (and 5 Ways You Can Fix It I have a renewed commitment to not waste food.

In America, where food waste is rampant, organizations like Manna and community food banks help to get some of the wasted food reclaimed and distributed to people who really need it.


Climate Change and Food Sources

Unless we get a grip on global warming and stop climate change our future food supply is seriously threatened.

Severe droughts, flooding, and atypical weather patterns are already playing havoc with farmer’s crops.

When food becomes scarce, the price goes up, which means the poor will suffer the most.

Curbing our current way of wasting food will become even more important.

It is never too early to teach kids the importance of not wasting food.




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