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Nagomi Art Contest Archive

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Nagomi Art

Dawn, a volunteer at Warm Heart from Singapore, introduced the children to Nagomi Art, a form of Japanese art healing founded in Japan, using pastels and fingers to create a gentle, transparent, warm and heart-touching art through simple yet unique ways of painting techniques.

The kanji character of “NAGOMI” is ‘和’, which means harmony. The therapeutic nature of this art is able to create sense of harmony and enhance the self esteem of the painter.

This art helps to calm and relax one’s mind as the painters go through the process to choose and blend the colors and complete the beautiful art piece all by themselves. Basically it’s an art for everyone and anyone!

For this project, the kids were making cards to send to their sponsors to thank them for being their sponsor.

Dawn created a short video showing the steps to Nagomi Art. Watch to see how much fun Nagomi Art can be!

Below are the results of our contest.

1st Place – Nan

2nd Place – Nipa

3rd Place – Joy

Collage of the kids making their masterpiece for the Nagomi Art contest submissions

Thank you to our Nagomi Art Sponsor

Our sponsor for “Nagomi Art Contest” was Ruhral, a U.S. based company that creates all-natural products with traditional formulas and ingredients unique to the communities and regions in Asia. Besides providing a great product, they give back to the communities where they source their ingredients, with Warm Heart being one of their beneficiaries.

Thank you Ruhral!

Art Patrons

We are always looking for new Patrons for our contests. You will find more information on our Art Contests page on how you can become a Patron. Besides putting a smile on the winners faces, we will provide a link to your business as a thank you for participating.

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