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My friend Henry

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I’ve made a friend here. We have so much in common. We can both go from very outgoing to shy in seconds.

Just about the only time we come out from our hiding places is to eat. And you know it’s us from a mile away.

I’ve had a lot of alone time out here and it’s quite nice to have someone who is just like me. I am of course talking about my friend Henry The Chicken.

We’ve known each other for the last few months and we have been having a splendid time. The time we spend seeing each other is VERY chaotic.

That’s because he runs right back into the jungle. I try to ensure that we don’t meet by not leaving my room between eight and ten.

If I do leave then I run the risk of startling him while he’s eating the cat food. We came to an unspoken agreement of letting him be when he’s eating.

What came to be a big surprise was that Henry wasn’t the only chicken. A hen started coming along with him and they are a very happy couple.

I wish the two of them nothing but the best. 

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