What does it mean to a child to have a sponsor?

It means that they are not alone, there is someone out there who cares about them.

Someone who provides wings for them to pursue their dreams, and build a future for themselves through an education.

It means the world to them.

Nui Nuttayanee

Nui Nuttayanee and Nuey Nutnicha come from the original Karen village of Mea Soon.

The identical twins are so alike, it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes! Everything from their clothes, to their hairstyle, to their names are similar.

You’ll never catch them without their noses in a book and they also love to help Napan prepare for dinner every night.

They will be going to Mae Pang school this fall to finish their last year of primary school.

Nui likes most to hang out with her school friends. In fact, she enjoys school so much that she hopes to become a teacher after she finishes her studies! Although she’s still not sure what age group she would like to work with yet.