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Lockdown in Chiang Mai

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Today I went to the Old City for the first time since February. What I saw there shook me beyond comprehension.

This whole time my life at WarmHeart has not changed at all. The days are still filled with work and the kids’ laughter.

But when I went to the Old City I knew that something terrible had truly happened. I saw a ghost town where there was a sprawling space of life.

I have walked the streets at all hours of day and night and I’ve never seen them this empty. I literally went blocks without seeing another person.

I went down my favorite lane and found that all the hostels from which there was once a blend of languages are now just shutters.

There is an eeriness to this silence which sends chills down my spine.

The restaurants that used to spread the aromas of rich and diverse food are also just shutters. That air no longer has its exciting flavor, it’s just regular air now.

There was just an overwhelming emptiness. I felt that emptiness, this city’s been a home and it will always be a part of my heart. Now I feel like a part of my heart is empty.

I pray that they can recover and get back to the good times that we all had.

P.S. Seeing the city in this state left me in such shock that I completely forgot to take any pictures.

Yours Truly,

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