Koala Bears

Their Plight

The Koala, Australia’s most iconic fluffy marsupial, is likely to become rarer over the next century due to global warming.

Koalas have an extremely specialized diet consisting only of eucalyptus leaves. Increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are decreasing the nutritional value of leaves, resulting in Koala malnutrition and starvation.

Longer and more frequent droughts will increase the occurrence of bushfires, which kill millions of forest-dwelling animals like Koalas.

Koalas will also increasingly be forced to descend from trees in search of water and new habitats during dry conditions, exposing them to predators and road traffic. Source

Reduce Global Warming Sources

Agricultural smoke is a major contributor to global warming.

We have a solution.

It is not an overnight fix, but leads to a permanent global solution.

Learn more, and join our efforts to reduce global warming.

Image by Claudia Beyli from Pixabay

We need to act now.

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