biochar training for smallholder farmers

We are building a community engaged in Climate Justice.

Warm Heart is on a journey to tackle climate change head on. We are turning an environmental problem into a solution – stop the smoke from agricultural burning, We invite you to join our community!

What is the problem?

Open field crop waste burning!

Smoke from open field burning crop waste

There are over 530 million smallholder farming families across the globe, producing 33% of the world’s food supply. They are among the poorest and most impacted by climate change.  Most practice open field burning of crop waste, and along with forest burning contributes to regional and global climate change by producing CO2, methane, and  black carbon (BC). Open burning is the single largest source of black carbon globally, at 42% dwarfing all other sources

The solution

Stop the smoke!

Crop waste burn in a trench, no smoke, making biochar

Our goal is to teach smallholder farmers hands-on how to turn crop waste, which they usually burn in open fields, into biochar, eliminating the smoke that contributes to global warming, and provide them another source of income.

We have trained over 10,000 farmers so far, who are now making, using, and benefiting from biochar.

Our trained farmers are improving their soils and reaping better crops. They are playing a big role in combating climate change by sequestering the pure carbon biochar.

How can YOU help?

You can simply follow us, or join our community.

Our membership fee starts at $10 a month. Can you afford $10 to:

  • Help 5 farmers a month stop burning?
  • Teach them how to do biochar?
  • Improve their crops?
  • Provide a new source of income?

Biochar training not only helps really poor farmers increase their income, the work they do is a positive climate action that reduces significant amounts of green house gases, and sequesters carbon. Carbon removal is the best action we do TODAY to help reverse climate change.

Your membership fees go directly to training smallholder farmers.

The biochar training is invaluable for the farmers. Biochar added to their poor soils increase crop health and production increasing their revenue. Fed to their livestock and chickens improves their health and productivity.

Biochar farmers trained through our program are eligible to work with Biochar.Life. works with farmers who take it a step further by participating in a rigorous verification process that allows them to sell their carbon sequestration as carbon credits. The first year Biochar Life was able to contract carbon credit sales to provide work for 500 farmers in this capacity.

A small commitment of $10 a month will help us continue to grow and reach more smallholder farmers. Our final goal is to provide an army of farmers qualified to benefit from the carbon credit market.

Why are we asking YOU to cover the expense of training?

Neither big development organizations nor governments like extremely low-cost, low-tech, DIY, grassroots projects. Such programs do not support their costly staffing structures.

Governments and organizations such as UNDP, UNEP, and FAO simply ignore it in favor of much more costly and, frankly, less useful, programs.

We are literally a grassroots organization, key players are dedicated volunteers that have built the Biochar Training program up over the past 7 years. We are at a launching point to increase our impact, but it takes funding to continue to expand.

So we turn to You, the people, to take action NOW, by the people, for the people. We can not wait another day for someone else to do it.

We invite you to join our community as a Supporter. Be a part of a movement that:

  • Cools the climate
  • Cleans the air
  • Improves public health
  • Economic boost to poor communities
  • Reduces rural poverty
  • Improves lives of poor farming families
  • Brings our soils back to life
  • Increase food security
  • Replaces the harmful open burning practice
  • Sequesters carbon – a major carbon removal success

YOU can make a difference!

What to expect as a Supporter

An amazing feeling! Knowing you are involved in a grassroots climate action that is actually making a difference is very rewarding.

We are just launching our membership. This is a new venture, we may add new benefits as we grow.

For now we are focused on introducing to you on.a personal level to the individuals involved in the program, from our Founders, Michael and Evelind, and all of the people that have worked so hard to make this happen. Sister Miriam Paulette, who has ignited biochar training across Africa. You will meet the Country leaders, who work tirelessly spreading training to farmers in remote farming communities. You will meet the farmers who are grasping this opportunity, and through hard dedicated work are changing their lives with biochar.

We will be posting stories, videos and photos for you to get to know the people and see the changes that your $10 a month contribution is doing.

You are making an impact on a farmers life, bringing about a change to an agricultural practice that impacts our environment and climate change.

Get to know the farmers, trainers, key players

Loong Ai

We are not dealing with statistics. We are working with real people. We want you to get to know who these people are, see what they are accomplishing. We guarantee you will be inspired!

You will have access to our stories and photos about the smallholder farming families you are directly helping. Learning how to make and use biochar is life changing.

For example, our heart warming story of Loong Ai. His family considered him too old to pick corn and he was bored. He joined our first major “Stop the Smoke” project in 2017. He arrived at our biochar staging area at 6:00 AM everyday and filled ten barrels, lit them, waited an hour, quenched and emptied them.

He completed eight cycles a day, 100 kg of biochar per cycle, 800 kg per day, 1,600 Thai baht per day at the 2 baht per kg price Warm Heart set with the Advisory Committee. The Thai national minimum wage is 300 baht per day. In rural areas such as Mae Na Chon, few laborers earn better than 150 baht per day.

At 1,600 baht a day, Loong Ai earned a fortune.  With the money he made  he bought a pair of water buffalo. He named them “Oon” and “Jai”, Thai for “Warm” and “Heart”.

Oon and Jai

You can meet the family who has started their own business collecting crop waste from farmers and turning it into biochar.

One Families Success Story

The family reports “We are happy to be making biochar. Because this keep us having job which mean we have income. Otherwise our life will be terrible. We rent a house, we don’t own a farm, and we have to pay a fee every year to extend our work permit to be able to stay in Thailand. As long as farmers want to get rid of biomass we now have a market for biochar. We will continue to work and make biochar.

There really is no better feeling than knowing you have directly changed and improved someone’s life. This is a great opportunity to share with your kids the benefit of helping others.

In reality there is no “One Solution” that will fix climate change. Teaching farmers to make and use biochar alone will not stop climate change, but it will reduce the amount of Co2 being added to our atmosphere, alleviate poverty, and provide food security to give us more time to implement long range solutions to turn climate change around.

We invite you to be a part of our journey! 

Join our community today!

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