We have 5 new children at Warm Heart that need Sponsors!

A Sponsor is someone who makes a commitment to a child to help cover costs for an opportunity to get an education. Education for these kids is a life-changer.

So you understand where the money goes here is the monthly breakdown:

We realize this is a tough time for everyone. so we have set up Team Sponsorship to make it affordable for anyone to participate.

We need to raise $125.00 a month per child to cover expenses.

So we have set up teams you can join depending on how much you can afford. It is easy to do. Set up a monthly recurring for the team you want to join!

You can join as an individual to any team, or you can gather friends to join your team! All team members will receive updates on how their sponsored child is doing.

$125 a month is not that much to support a child, but when you have 45 children it adds up quickly! Your support is vital to be able to offer these children a brighter future.

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