Warm Heart Worldwide is committed to reducing international poverty one community at a time. Together, we can end world hunger and eradicate poverty for good.

A Sustainable Solution

Our primary goal is to reduce international world poverty one community at a time. Warm Heart works with small holder farmers in developing countries to teach them how to make biochar from their crop waste, improving the soil and increasing crop production.

Zero Hunger

Biochar has been proven to be an effective way of combatting hunger and malnutrition in developing countries. It helps improve the soil, increase crop production, and provide a sustainable source of income for small holder farmers. The biochar produced can also be used as fuel or fertilizer, reducing the need for expensive imports from other countries.

Tackling Climate Change Head On

We are taking steps to combat climate change, reduce air pollution, and help communities grow through our process of making biochar. This reduces smoke from open field crop burning, while also sequestering carbon when used by farmers in their agricultural practices.

Empowering women farmers

We are committed to gender equality and our training of woman farmers helps level the field in agriculture, providing an opportunity to improve their sustainable livelihoods.

Giving Everyone a Chance

When sustainable increased income is brought into a community, it reduces the inequities of poverty. Empowering these communities with resources and knowledge helps to build strength and resilience.

Ripple Effect

By investing in communities a positive ripple effect extends far beyond just one community. This ripple effect can have far-reaching impacts on poverty reduction, economic development, and environmental protection.

Good Health and Well-Being for All

Our programs address health issues related to agricultural pollution, helping to combat hunger and build healthy communities. We provide access to clean water sources and better nutrition, as well as education and training on sustainable farming practices.

Education for Lasting Change

Our projects focus on education. We provide generational access to education, beginning with the children, so that local communities can become empowered with the knowledge and resources necessary for sustainable change.

Warm Heart Worldwide is dedicated to making a real difference in international poverty by investing in communities and helping them to become more self-sufficient.

We believe in creating strong and resilient communities that can face the future challenges of climate change. We work with local communities to ensure they have the resources and skills they need to build sustainable livelihoods and live better lives.

Make A Better World

With your help, we can make a better world for all. Your donation will go towards helping us provide resources and support for local communities, so they can create lasting change in their lives and in their communities. Together, we can make a real difference in the fight against poverty.

Every donation counts in making a global impact. With your help, we are able to help individuals and communities in developing countries break the cycle of poverty and help them achieve their dreams.

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