Look How Far We Have Come in 14 years!

Children’s Homes

See how they have grown!

Young Smart Farmers

Drowning Prevention Class

Warm Heart partners with the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club’s Water Safety program. We work with all the local schools and coordinate the Water Safety and Drowning Prevention class for all 4th graders. We had to close the program in 2021 due to COVID. When we began again in 2022 both 4th and 5th grades were included to catch up for COVID year. To date we have had 650 children graduate this life-saving course.

Higher Education

Core Competency Skills

After 6 months, we concluded the first cycle of our Upskilling Program. Finn worked hard together with 20 graduates from Phrao and many of them have gone out to the cities and found jobs.


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Women’s Artisan Coop

We started with silk worms! Our Women’s Artisan Coop has expanded over the years.

See all our products available today at our global site: Fashion Accessories by Warm Heart

Styrofoam Recycling – Smart Business Idea

Our styrofoam recycling offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs!

Follow our easy step by step directions to learn how to make.

But it doesn’t end with bricks, learn about other ways to use the styrofoam cement.

Elder Care

Our Project Access program received a generous grant from Brothers Trust to purchase a vehicle. We now have good reliable transportation for our Home Visits.

Volunteers are able to come again!


Biochar – Stop the Smoke!

Democratic Republic Congo

We have gone solar!

The Solar project is being installed, but the electric upgrades took us $5000 over budget.  We have a much safer campus for our children but need to fund the gap.

We are so grateful for the many donations that came in to make this dream possible.

We can save $7,000 per year switching to clean energy with solar!

We have come a long way, baby!

Warm Heart would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our family, friends, supporters, our partners and sponsors! You have been instrumental in making all of this happen! You have helped us move mountains!

Together we can ensure these kids have a brighter future!

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