In Thailand, basic education is not free.

Warm Heart needs a higher education fund like, yesterday. Higher education in Thailand is expensive and out of reach for those who need it most. To get even a  basic education a child must have the money to purchase uniforms to be able to attend public schools. This fact alone stops many kids from having an opportunity to learn.

At Warm Heart, we give our children that opportunity. We provide the needed uniforms, transportation, after school tutoring, a loving home and nutritious meals. Without Warm Heart our children would have no hope for a future.

Success has a price!

We are extremely pleased that our children are doing so well in school, they are taking their opportunity to heart and working hard to succeed. Statistically on average in northern Thailand, 85% of students drop out after 6th grade; 100% of our children graduate.

Which brings us to the point of needing a Higher Education Fund

Fulfilling a promise with a Higher Education Fund

All along we have encouraged our children to strive for their dreams, to work hard and never give up. Now we are faced with a mob of overachievers who are looking to us for helping with the costs of higher education! We are proud to have this – and terrified of at the same time.

We try to minimize our out-of-pocket costs by helping our kids get scholarships whenever possible, but even these don’t always cover total expenses and they are few and far between. Sometimes we need to pay the tuition, or housing or the whole show, other times we just need to pick up the slack. No matter how you slice it, however, higher education is expensive, and we need to establish a higher education fund today!

Establishing a Higher Education Fund

We currently have 14 kids in university, 3 in Technical Schools, 43 living at Warm Heart, and another 35 living at our partner school Ton Roong. If we do not do something now we will collapse from the weight without a  higher education fund for all these kids.

True, not all will continue on to Technical School or College, but for those who are able to we need to be ready to provide the support.

With a Higher Education Fund, we will be able to set up a scholarship program, and a revolving “0% interest loan” to help these kids based on need and commitment.

Please help us establish this important higher education fund, so the kids coming up from today will have an opportunity for tomorrow.

Updates on Student Progress and Successes

See how the kids are doing by reviewing our reports.

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