Warm Heart is proud to introduce our Global Biochar Program, an initiative aimed at empowering smallholder farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices worldwide.

With a strong foundation in Northern Thailand, where we began working with local farmers, our program has now expanded to Africa, making a significant impact on farming communities.

Our Training Approach

At Warm Heart, we believe in providing practical training to farmers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to produce biochar and improve their crop production sustainably.

We started by offering free training to smallholder farmers in Northern Thailand, teaching them how to construct biochar ovens and utilize their crop waste to produce biochar effectively. You can find free information on our Biochar Training page.

Accreditation and Standards

We take pride in the quality and credibility of our program. Our community-based biochar training program is accredited by Carbon Standard International under the EBC Global Artisan standard.

This accreditation ensures that our training program adheres to strict guidelines, guaranteeing the production of high-quality biochar and promoting sustainable practices.

Expanding Our Reach in Africa

We are excited with the expansion of our program in Africa.

Through partnerships with local communities, we help establish biochar training programs tailored to their specific needs.

We begin by training a group of farmers on how to make biochar using trenches and crop waste.

This hands-on approach ensures that the knowledge and skills are transferred effectively.

Capacity Building and Sustainability

Our program aims to create a ripple effect within farming communities.

Farmers who have undergone our training can become trainers themselves, reaching out to more farmers and expanding the adoption of biochar practices.

By empowering individuals to become trainers, we enhance the sustainability and long-term impact of our program.

Ensuring Quality and Carbon Credits

Maintaining high standards is crucial to us. Our program ensures that the quality of the produced biochar meets our accreditation standards.

We provide training for Verifiers who work closely with farmers, assisting them in applying for carbon credit payments based on the positive environmental impact of their biochar practices.

Country Managers for Effective Expansion

To ensure the smooth operation and continuous expansion of the biochar training program, we have dedicated Country Managers in each country we work with. They collaborate with trainers and verifiers, reaching out to new farming communities and coordinating efforts to spread the benefits of biochar.

Join Our Global Biochar Program

We invite farming communities, organizations, and individuals passionate about sustainable agriculture to join us in expanding Biochar globally.

Visit our Biochar Training page to learn how to make and use biochar.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on food security, soil health, and the environment.

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