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Top 10 reasons to support Warm Heart on #Giving Tuesday

#10. Transparency – When you support Warm Heart you know that your donation is properly and efficiently managed to eradicate poverty.

#9.  Trust – On a local level the contributions our projects provide is  recognized as improving our community with a global impact as well.

#8. Value – Your donation’s dollar buying power goes so much further here. We operate on a shoestring budget, every dollar makes a difference.

#7. Sustainable – We do not give handouts, we provide life changing education to help the disenfranchised pull themselves out of poverty.

#6. Compassion – Our programs touch and change the lives of those who need help the most. 

#5. Consciousness – When you donate you become part of our donor base that shares the same values and vision that we can create a better world.

#4. Connected – You will learn about the progress of the project and see the impact of your donation through our quarterly reports.

#3.  Environmental Action – Everything we do, we do for you. We take an environmental problem and turn it into a solution to help reduce global warming while improving lives.

#2. Tax benefits – We are a registered nonprofit in the United States

#1. Powerful – When you join millions of people all taking an action to share with those less fortunate a wave of compassion and hope shifts the world towards a better place for all of us.

Chris Lowenstein, Donor

“It is always hard to know which organizations to donate to… and we like to chose nonprofits that really use the funds wisely to directly help their community. We have been donating to Warm Heart for many years now for this exact reason” ~ Chris Lowenstein, Founder/Film Producer, Living Films, Chiang Mai

Warm Heart’s Giving Tuesday

​With the bonus money incentive Global Giving provides on Giving Tuesday we are able to fund major projects. This year we are focusing on expanding our rainwater catchment system. ​Last year you helped us harness the sun with our solar power system.  We are now asking for your help to harvest the rainwater.  Every dollar donated to this project increases the bonus funds we will receive from Global Giving.

Rainwater Conservation and Harvesting

At Warm Heart we aim for resilience and self-sufficiency. Water is a critical component for our success. We have added gutters and rainwater harvesting tanks to some buildings, but we still have a long way to go. Strong storms have damaged some of the gutters channeling rainwater. As the staff and children add biochar to the gardens and test other agricultural techniques, they know it will all come back to access to water to keep the gardens growing and our children fed.


Global warming is causing unpredictable weather patterns which directly impacts our water supply. Recently we have seen an increase in drought severity and frequency. We have been in a position before where we have run out of water for weeks at a time. (Imagine living with 40 children and no water!) Our young smart farmer’s gardens continue to grow and produce food for our children, but need a source of water to thrive during drought periods.


This project will allow us to repair damaged gutters and expand our rainwater harvesting system. We will add gutters with catchment tanks for the remaining roofs, add water harvesting tanks for farm water to keep our gardens and food supply growing strong, and we will build a much needed shelter for our vehicles with an integrated water catchment system.

Long-Term Impact

Now that we have installed our solar panels we are able harness the power of the sun for our electrical power needs. Harvesting rainwater is the next step towards self-sufficiency. By tapping into the monsoon rains it provides us a better water management system and will help get us through future drought periods.

Donations to any of our projects count towards our share of bonus money, our secondary focus is on our Children’s Homes and our Project Access program. 

Children’s Homes

Education and Hope

Our kids are the real heart of Warm Heart. Unfortunately, when they arrive at our door, they are tiny for the ages and often cannot speak Thai. (Each Hill Tribe has its own language.)

Your gifts help to ensure that the kids all get plenty of milk and high quality, high protein meals.

We need your help, too, to pay our two, wonderful “after school” teachers (they come six days a week), without whom our kids would be lost.

Kru Noi and Leung Eit ensure that after 2-3 years our kids are all at the top of their classes!

Cover the cost of our afterschool and new English up-skilling teachers for a year.  $12,000

Project Access

Our Project Access program makes home visits to the elderly and disabled living in poverty in our community.  We support individuals where the public health system and their families cannot.

Your gifts cover the costs of one staff person to maintain continuity, petrol, supplies, and often food when they have none and need a little help to get through the end of the month.

This year we were very fortunate to receive a donation from Brother’s Trust to purchase a much-needed vehicle for our Project Access program.  We still need to fund our staff member and the petrol and supplies to run the program.

We need $12,000 to fund the program to cover one full time staff person and the necessary supplies. It’s a small program that brings joy and nurture to our elders and the disabled – wouldn’t you want that quality of life for your parents and family?

Children’s Homes
Project Access – Care for the Elderly and Disabled

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