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Thank you for joining our coordinated effort to spread the word about this important campaign, every vote counts! (see GlobalGiving Terms and Conditions below)


To link to our campaign, copy and paste:

Supporter Facebook Post Samples

Copy and paste one of the posts below, or create your own!

Do you remember a time when someone helped you along your way? How did it make you feel? Warm Heart girls need someone to give them a helping hand. Would you donate $10 to their higher education fund so someday, they too can turn around and help another? https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/empower-young-girls-to-achieve-successful-career/

Young, motivated girls striving to succeed. Can you remember how that felt? Were you fortunate to have a helping hand along the way? Now is your chance to help someone else reach their dreams. A small donation to the Warm Heart Girls can help them win higher education funds for 1 year. https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/empower-young-girls-to-achieve-successful-career/

Imagine the worst possible scenario, your sister or your daughter has no alternative than to turn to the sex trades to survive. Would you do just about anything to help them down a different path? Please contribute to Warm Heart girl’s higher education fund so they can choose a different road to a successful career. https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/empower-young-girls-to-achieve-successful-career/

Someone once helped me when I was at a turning point in my life. Did that happen to you? These girls are young and motivated but they look at a bleak future. They will succeed if they have that helping hand. A college degree, a career means so much to them. Would you donate just $10 to their higher education fund and help them create a new future? https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/empower-young-girls-to-achieve-successful-career/

Twitter – March 8th

Celebrate International Women’s Day! Contribute $10 to #GlobalGiving #GirlsFund Higher Education campaign to help empower young girls to achieve successful careers. #BalanceforBetter https://bit.ly/2DLU33O

Advocate Emails – Send out on Feb. 28

Below is a sample email you can either copy, add to, or write your own. Thank you for your help!

I am writing today to ask you for a small favor.

Warm Heart, an organization that I support, is in a competition to win funding for 1 year to help with Higher Education costs for the girls that live at their orphanage.

To win the competition they need votes. I strongly endorse their work, and encourage you to visit their GlobalGiving Campaign page, and cast a vote by making a small $10 donation.

Don’t wait, please do it now.

Thank you!

P.S. You can help the Warm Heart girls even more by sharing this with your friends that may also be willing to help. They need all the support we can muster!


For those who want to go the extra mile GlobalGiving provides a way for you to create your own support page for our campaign. Go to our Campaign page, and on the right side you will see a green box

Click on this, fill in the information, and send a link to your friends and family. If you need any help just leave a message below in the comment section and Carol will be glad to help!

You can see an example of one set up here:

Endless Love, Hope, and Dedication

What is the GlobalGiving Girl Fund
Terms & Conditions

The GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign is your chance to win one of six year-long slots in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund.

The experience consists of a two-week crowdfunding campaign with matching funds available on International Women’s Day and one (optional) GG Rewards Effectiveness cycle.

Winners will be determined by campaign results and by peer selection.
Campaign Result Winners (4): Four projects with the most unique donors in the crowdfunding campaign will win a year-long slot in the fund. These organizations will choose the peer selected winners.

Peer Selected Winners (2): Two projects will be chosen to win a year-long slot in the fund by the four organizations that won the crowdfunding campaign as well as GlobalGiving staff. The selection will be based on their submitted effectiveness cycle and a short peer-led interview.

The important dates are as follows:
Expression of Interest Submission Deadline: Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019

Crowdfunding Campaign: Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019, at 9:00am ET to Thursday, March 14, at 11:59pm ET

International Women’s Day Bonus Day: Friday, March 8 from 9:00am ET to 11:59pm ET

Effectiveness Cycle Submission Period: Feb. 1 – March 14

Effectiveness Cycle Selection Period: March 15 – 29

Winner’s Announcement: April 2

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