We Connect Local Artisans With Global Markets

Fashion accessories made by local women’s co-ops was our first microenterprise project.

Our microenterprise program helps create jobs for local women by tapping their traditional skills as spinners, weavers and seamstresses.

We provide women’s co-ops with modern designs to help them compete in global markets at first world prices.


We launched Warm Heart Fashion Accessories to connect existing co-ops with our fashion experts to:

  • Identify promising products
  • Suggest design, production and packaging improvements
  • Create products that stand out among similar products in Chiang Mai markets, online and overseas

The result is a steady increase in sales and profits, and a sustainable income stream for women.

Fashion Accessories Available Online

We manage and host  an online store to expand our market globally. We offer our complete collection of silk scarves, cotton and rayon scarves, wrap bracelets, macrame jewelry, tote bags, and more. Visit our store and shop now!


Microenterprise Impact – Building a Brighter Future

The fashion business is tough with stiff competition from products made with cheaper labor and materials. Nevertheless, Warm Heart is committed to helping local women by:

  • Always paying Fair Trade rates
  • Helping our co-ops identify and produce attractive items that sell well to increase economies of scale and efficiency
  • Developing a suitable customer base, both local and international, to ensure consistent and growing orders
    year round
  • Honoring our commitments with both our producers and our customers to build long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships
  • Giving our producers the autonomy to work near their homes while juggling their responsibilities in the fields and with their families


Phrao women want to work and possess the skills to produce beautiful products, but know nothing about style trends and the global market.

Warm Heart Fashion Accessories connects existing co-ops with outside organizations for help. Our experts work with co-ops to improve design and marketing materials, and we sell Phrao artisans’ products around the world.

The women of Phrao learn technical skills easily, but currently lack the funding to finance production or the experience to deal with the myriad of production problems related to successfully competing in the fashion world today.

How to cut costs with better sourcing? Design better packaging? Find richer markets? Get pricing advice?

Warm Heart Fashion Accessories takes on all aspects of the challenge confronting Phrao sewing and weaving co-ops and de-risks their efforts to grow.

We identify promising products, suggest design, production and packaging improvements, and take the best products to market in Chiang Mai, online and overseas.

Our Sponsor a Design program encourages Designers from around the world to participate with our women’s co-ops by providing new, exciting designs to work with.


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Did You Know?

Average monthly per-capita income in Phrao is $70, but 18,000 people live on less than $52 a month, which is already 10% less than the Thai National Poverty Level.

Two-thirds of the local population own no land or too little to survive so must work as day laborers.

Day labor pays 40% of the Thai minimum wage and is only available seven months a year.

Mountainous rural districts like Phrao remain among the only places in Thailand that still provide children to the commercial sex industry.


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