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Exercise has been a part of my entire life. Being around the kids has given me a chance to see how I exercised when I was their age.

I am so happy to say that kids around the world truly do love a good time. They have bikes from Warm Heart which they love riding around the property.

Their laughter and bell rings form a wonderful soundtrack everyday. This takes me back to the jr. speed demon that I was.

They love playing games like hide n seek and tag. WarmHeart might be the best place to play these games. They are so creative with their hiding spots. I’ve thought that I’m alone until I hear a laugh.

The kids also love playing football (soccer for you Americans) on the field here. I am amazed by their dazzling moves which are far better than anything that I can do.

Most importantly, they get a good workout from my English lessons. I remember that the best way for me to learn was by being physical. Every word that I teach them has a physical action to it.

They love doing these activities whether it be jumping or moving their arms. It feels so good to see the smiles on their faces every lesson. Having a smile on your face while having an enriching time is what it’s all about.

How do kids in your life exercise? 

Yours Truly, 

Gym Teacher Yosi 

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