We began our Environmental Progress News as a way to share positive steps that were being done to address climate change. Our focus has always been biochar.

Biochar Growing as a Frontrunner Solution

What is biochar?

Arti‘s video gives a clear overview of what it is, how it is made, and why it is so valuable.

Here at Warm Heart we have been focused on biochar as a solution to reverse climate change,

We began by teaching local farmers how to make and use biochar on their farms. Today we have taught over 13,000 farmers across Africa and Thailand.

Warm Heart works to stop open-field crop waste burning and instead create carbon sinks, which make for improved soils for crops to grow. We continue to expand our training to smallholder farmers.

We work with trained farming communities to organize biochar social enterprises. This brings jobs into the community and income from carbon credits working with Biochar Life,

Final Issue

We hope you have been inspired by the stories we have presented over the years. All of our back issues are available in our Archives.

Our focus is moving towards our YouTube channel. We hope you will join us there and follow our progress with biochar.

Whether you use biochar in your home garden, on a farm, or support our farmer training program, you are helping reverse climate change.

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