Our goal at Warm Heart is to share information about Climate Change and Biochar. Our aim is to inspire people around the world to take action, to “Do Something”.

We are in the process of converting Dr. Shafer’s articles into free downloadable ebooks. His first ebook, Climate Change Primer has been downloaded well over 10,000 times on this site and our previous site.

You can also chose to read his articles online.

Climate Change

Climate Change Primer

In response to the many questions we were receiving about Climate Change and Global Warming, Michael put together a clear and concise explanation about climate change. He provides the facts, the information you need to know to understand what global warming is, the causes, and the impacts on our environment.


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Cool the Climate

Cool the Climate is a 5 part series of articles released by Dr. D. Michael Shafer. Originally released on Linkdin, and shared on Facebook, we have complied all 5 articles into the Cool the Climate PDF for free download.


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Stopping Climate Change One Tiny Farm at a Time

How do we stop climate change? Can it be as easy as digging a hole? Biochar, simple solution any farmer can use. Stop burning, char instead!


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Biochar Sweeps East Africa

Inspiring story of how one person can make a huge impact on spreading knowledge about biochar.


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